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Yellowstone Bear World

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Yellowstone bear world is located in Rexburg, Idaho. Home to several animals including bears , bear cubs,Bison, deer, moose , pigs and other animals. An unforgettable experience up close and personal with free roaming bears on a "safari" style drive it was not uncommon to have a bear or two cross the road infront of you and you can take the loop as many times as you want.

The bears were all well cared for and were not bothered by the constant flow of on lookers. They had black, brown and grizzly bears.

  • Several unforgettable close encounters with these bears are guaranteed at the bear world.

Also at the bear world there are cubs that can be watched as they play.

They also have a petting zoo where you can interact with , deer , goats , pigs ,ducks, chickens and other wild life. Seen below is a young boy who managed to convince this deer of a hug.

Overall bear world is a must see stop if you are near yellowstone. The once in a life time experience via up close encounters and unique experiences with wild life will leave you smiling at the memories forever.

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