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Beartooth highway to Yellowstone

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Beartooth highway (see above). The tallest highway in America at 10,947 feet high it takes about 3 hours to traverse the 68 mile highway. One of the first stops worth seeing is an over look where chipmunks were plentiful and love eating seeds from tourist hands. The views and experience of this stop were both unforgettable.

Every turn on beartooth leads to a new view.

A scenic overlook of a valley and mountains.

Snowpack was still easy find in august along the highway some spots close enough to pull over and get your snowball fight fix in.

The alpine lakes along the way were typically a deep blue/green color. Others were so clear you could see the bottom. There were hundreds of these lakes.

Each one offered its own unique views and experience.

The highway is full of switch backs and curves.

One of the last stops on the highway before getting to yellowstone is this magnificent waterfall.

The lower part of the falls pictured here created a massive roar.

At the end of beartooth off the main highway a dirt road lead to what felt like an endless field.

Watching storms develope over the montana mountain range was spectacular and peaceful.

You know you are truly in Yellowstone when buffalo are every where. Some the size of cars. They were in rut so the grunting and fighting were in full swing and a spectacle to watch.

After a long day and a lot of driving we were greeted to a fantastic sunset at our cabin.

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