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Enjoy a collection of our stock videos. You may make a one-time purchase of any of the videos below on a non-exclusive basis for your project and you must credit "NZP Chasers" or the creator of the video (if different, listed below the video) in your projects. Please note that you must purchase the footage each time you are using it on a new project. Purchasing a video on our site does not give you ownership of the content, the right to distribute, sell or sub-license the content. The content should only be downloaded for use, not to be stored in archival format. For exclusive use, please email us at All videos below are available at 1080p or greater quality. To review our non-exclusive agreement go HERE.

Want to sell on our site? Here's why you should:
  • Free to sign up

  • Set your own price

  • You retain full ownership/rights to your content with no binding contracts

  • We won't modify or use your content for promotional/marketing purposes

  • We take care of uploading your content and selling it

  • You get paid within 72hrs of a sale and get notified via email

  • You get 80% of sales commission (we take 20%)

  • Delete your content whenever you want

  • Clients pay a one-time payment for your content, therefore there are no strings attached

Thank you, we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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