Weather Graphics

Below is a collection of our images as Weather Graphics. The purpose of this project is to provide "presentation-ready" images for educational purposes, promotional purposes, presentations, scientific papers, online use, etc. The images are royalty-free and commercially ready (not bound with any exclusivity) and captured by NZP Chasers. The graphics were created by Francis Lavigne-Theriault, an Environmental Professional in training accredited with ECO-Canada and a full-time research assistant with the Northern Tornadoes Project. Credit is not necessary in your projects if you purchase the image, but if you do provide credit, either NZP Chasers or Francis Lavigne-Theriault is appreciated!

P.S. If you want to use these images as part of your work in academia or as a government employee, please contact us at for a free copy of any of these images. We will ask that you please credit NZP Chasers or Francis Lavigne-Theriault in your project!