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Adventure with wild life on Mt. Evans

The first time I went up Mt. Evans I was not sure what to expect. What I found was a flourishing population of Mountain goats and a few marmots.

Of course the path up one of the tallest paved roads in America had to be tackled first. I was met with numerous narrow switch backs each one creating its own unique view above the world below.

As I gained elevation I started coming across the Infamous mountain goat population.

When I was able to get closer to the top i captured the image below. The mountain you see in the back ground is almost a half mile down. The dark green you see wrapping around are trees with the white being snow pack.

From here i worked my way up the hiking trail towards the summit. Where I met a few Marmot. At a elevation of roughly 14,100ft.

The views from the summit were nothing short of spectacular. From the top a hidden lake was visible below.

Looking north from the summit shows several peaks that could be hiked too.

This view is on the closest peak to the left in the image above looking back towards mt. Evans summit. The small specs you see are other tourist to the area.

At this point snow started moving in so I made my way back down. Pictured below is another lake that was visible towards the base.

Before we call this adventure done here are a few more shots from this fantastic day.

Thanks for tagging along on this adventure. Keep checking back for more adventures as they are coming soon.

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