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Wind chills in mid -50's for southern Manitoba Wed morning

NAM model trend for surface temperatures (in C) for Wednesday morning

We are showing you the NAM-12km resolution model depiction of possible surface temperatures (in Celsius) on Wednesday morning, but it is one of the extreme cases. However, the GFS model depicts temperatures in the -40C with wind chills exceeding -50 for southern Manitoba. Therefore, keep in mind that the depictions in this post are one possible outcome out of many. Above is the way the model has been trending (its different "runs"), which shows some consistency that an extremely cold airmass will be in place for Manitoba.

Surface temperature depiction by the NAM 12km run for Wednesday morning

Above is a snapshot zooming in on the extremely cold temperatures ahead for Wednesday morning.

Model trend wind chill depiction by the NAM 12km run for Wednesday morning

Above is the NAM 12km resolution model trend for wind chill predictions for Wednesday morning. Again, you see general agreement in the model runs for some extreme wind chills for parts of southern Manitoba. Below is a screenshot zooming in on Manitoba depicting a -56 wind chill near Brandon.

Screenshot of forecasted wind chills for southern Manitoba on Wednesday morning

Areas to experience extreme cold Wednesday morning:

  • All of Manitoba

  • Brandon: -45C with -55 wind chills possible

  • Winnipeg: -35C with -45 wind chills possible

  • Grand Forks: -40C with -48 wind chills possible

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