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United We Roll convoy rolls onto Parliament Hill [videos/images]

The "United We Roll" truck convoy rolled into the Nation's Capital on Tuesday afternoon. The convoy was parked on Wellington Street, the major road that rides from Gatineau, QC to Rideau Centre. The convoy parked right in front of Parliament Hill for a peaceful protest.

Yellow Vest protesters and United We Roll convoy holding a Canadian flag

The convoy is not associated with the "Yellow Vest Movement", which have been wrecking havoc around the Globe, protesting against the Government. This peaceful protest was more about the loss of jobs related to the recent Carbon Tax implemented in Canada.

Police and protestors stand on Wellington St in front of Parliament Hill

For the most part, the protest was well handled by everyone involved. The convoy moved on east in the early afternoon, after causing minor traffic disruptions in downtown Ottawa.

Protesters proudly showing their signs in front of Parliament Hill

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