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US/Canada border closes amidst coronavirus outbreak for all foreign travellers

The coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has prompted borders between the United States and Canada to close to all foreign visitors yesterday as the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 200 000 across the world. Commercial traffic is not included in this restriction, however travellers will be turned around if they are attempting to cross the border.

Pembina broder crossing in the United States

Above is the North Dakota/Manitoba border at Pembina, which shows border vehicles blocking access to the border crossing for travellers. Canadian travellers are urged to return to Canada while they still can.

Yesterday, the Canadian and U.S. government has suspended all foreign travellers from entering the United States and Canada. Canadians are temporarily not allowed to travel to the United States by land or air until further notice.

For the latest information, please visit the Government of Canada website on the COVID-19 outbreak here:

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