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RRV to see -30C with -42 wind chills Wednesday

Model trends GDPS/GFS/NAM for Wednesday surface temperature (C)

Manitoba and Saskatchewan is no stranger to extreme cold, most of us actually embrace the cold! Cold lovers will rejoice starting Tuesday night as another wave of high pressure settles over the Prairie Provinces.

High pressure (H) on Wednesday

When you have temperatures around -30C, it doesn't take much wind to bring the wind chills down significantly and this is what we will be seeing across MB/SK on Wednesday:

Model trends GDPS/GFS/NAM for Wednesday wind chills (C)

Estimated temperature breakdown:

Winnipeg: -29C, feels like -41

Brandon: -28C, feels like -40

Portage La Prairie: -30C, feels like -43

Regina: -28C, feels like -40

Saskatoon: -28C, feels like -32

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