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Newfoundland & Labrador to possibly experience wind chills in the -60's

Surface temperatures from Wednesday through Sunday night for Quebec

You may have heard that significant wind chills in the -50's will invade the Prairie Provinces and Northern Ontario throughout the next week. The same Arctic airmass will move into Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador. Above is the GIF animation depiction surface temperatures (in Celsius) throughout the week.

Extreme wind chills in the mid -60's for Sunday morning

While models will vary, above is a depiction by the latest GFS model depicting wind chills in NFLD in the mid -60's. More specifically, areas in the red circle above showing -64 and -61. Areas in the Ottawa Valley could see wind chills in the -40's as well as the St Lawrence River Valley. Parts of Southern Ontario could see some very cold temperatures and possibly record breaking wind chills as well. While there are no extreme cold warnings at this time, be mindful for warnings issued by Environment Canada in the subsequent days.

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