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Manitoba bracing for upcoming flood threat

The spring thaw has been bringing significant overland flooding to parts of North Dakota over the last week, prompting major highway closures in some cases. Below is a look at what the situation has been like along Interstate 29 in North Dakota:

Rivers in the Red River Basin are expected to crest in the next week. The latest hydrological forecast released by Manitoba Infrastructure on March 31, 2020 (available here), shows that there is a higher risk of major flooding across southern Manitoba and southeastern Manitoba this spring for the Red River basin, including the following rivers:

  • Roseau River

  • Red River

  • Pembina River

The risk of major flooding is low for most Manitoba basins including the following rivers:

  • Assiniboine

  • Souris

  • Qu'Appelle

  • Saskatchewan River

Below is a Manitoba 511 road camera showing Morris, MB bracing for the rising floodwaters of the Morris River this morning.

Hwy 75 looking south towards Morris, MB at 10:02am CDT

Remember if you encounter floodwaters on a road: TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!!

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