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Lull in severe weather expected for Prairie Provinces

After an active several days for parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a lull in severe weather is expected for the next few days and into the weekend. We breakdown why this is expected below.

Parts of the Prairies will be behind a cold front starting today (Tuesday). Without significant synoptic-scale features to promote thunderstorm development, parts of AB/SK/MB should remain relatively quiet throughout the next few days.

High pressure should sit over the Prairies for the weekend, which will be unfavorable for severe weather. This comes as a nice rest after several days of intense storms impacted the Prairies. Yesterday, severe funnels and tornado warnings were observed in Saskatchewan:

Weather summary for Saskatchewan issued by Environment Canada at 5:13 a.m. CST Tuesday 2 July 2019. Discussion. A cold front tracking eastward across southern Saskatchewan on Canada Day brought severe weather to the area. The following is a preliminary summary of events received by Environment and Climate Change Canada. All times are local (CST). 1. Funnel clouds or Tornadoes 12:09 pm. 65 kilometres south of Moose Jaw. Unconfirmed report of a tornado. 6:05 pm. 8 kilometres southwest of Regina. Funnel cloud. 6:10 pm. Near Rouleau. Funnel cloud.

2. Wind Reports. (Kilometres per hour) 3:47 pm. Gust to 104 at Saskatoon Diefenbaker Airport. 5:00 pm. Gust to 93 at Kindersley. 7:03 pm. Gust to 100 at Bratts Lake. 8:02 pm. Gust to 85 at Weyburn. 8:53 pm. Gust to 100 at Yorkton. 3. Hail 7:05 pm. Golfball size at Coronach. A number of locations reported nickel to quarter size hail. Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial information and does not constitute a complete or final report. End/PASPC

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