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Another 10-20cm possible for City of Winnipeg


3:43 PM CDT Thursday 10 October 2019 Winter storm warning in effect for:

City of Winnipeg

Rain and snow continues in southern Manitoba this afternoon, courtesy of an approaching Colorado low. The rain/snow line remains set up roughly along the Red River Valley, with western sections of the valley seeing snow and eastern sections seeing rain or a rain/snow mix. The weather is even sharply different across the city of Winnipeg, with significant snowfall accumulations in the west of the city and little in the east.

In the worst affected area...roughly from just west of Winnipeg to just east of Brandon...heavy, wet snow will continue tonight, then intensify significantly on Friday, accompanied by northerly winds gusting up to 80 km/h. Another 5-10 cm should fall tonight, however as the system intensifies on Friday exceeding heavy snowfall is expected in this area, with further accumulations of 15-30 cm likely. Travelling will become difficult if not impossible as the day wears on, with heavy, accumulating snow, strong winds and temperatures near zero resulting in treacherous conditions.

Winnipeg has seen accumulations today range from a trace in the southeast to 10 cm in the west. Radar shows more snow approaching for this evening. Slightly cooler temperatures should result in snowfall accumulating across the city tonight, with 10 cm or so of wet snow expected by morning.

Periods of heavy snow will continue Friday night into Saturday. Further accumulations of 10-20 cm are forecast.

In addition, very strong northerly winds are likely for Friday, especially where winds blow onshore off the Manitoba Lakes. Gusts to 100 km/h can be expected where winds blow onshore. Other areas of the province will see gusts in the 60-80 km/h range. The combination of heavy, wet snow and strong winds will likely result in downed trees and power lines.

Consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve. Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.

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