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-30 wind chills returning to Prairie Provinces on Monday

Yep....The cold returns for parts of the Prairie Provinces on Monday. Below are the forecast temperatures for Monday morning, which shows a lot of pink, indicating temperatures nearing or at -30C.

GEM Surface Temperatures (in C) on Monday morning

Cold temperatures in the -20C's with wind chills approaching or going over -30 will be possible in parts of Alberta/Saskatchewan on Monday and move into Manitoba on Tuesday. Below are the forecast wind chills by the RDPS, which I think are a bit on the conservative side.

RDPS Wind Chill Temperatures (in C) for Sunday/Monday
  • Sunday into Sunday night

Central Alberta: -20C with -25 wind chills

Central Saskatchewan into Westman: -15C with -20 wind chills

  • Monday

Southern Saskatchewan/Alberta: -25C with -30 wind chills

  • Tuesday

Southern Manitoba: -20C with wind chills approaching -30

Why is this happening to us? Courtesy of this Arctic high pressure moving in through Alberta and settling in on the American continent on Tuesday, as seen below:

ECMWF mean sea level pressure from Sunday to Tuesday

Stay tuned for watches/warnings issued by Environment Canada.

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