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May 13th 2019 [Oklahoma]

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Severe storm near Calumet, OK around 7pm CDT

May 13th was the first "chase day" in Oklahoma. Was not expecting much and sat in Oklahoma City most of the day until storms became severe near Woodward. The setup featured a stationary front stretching from southwestern Kansas to roughly El Reno, OK (see below).

Below is the stationary front depicted where weak convergence was occurring, promoting storm development:

Surface analysis around 1pm CDT for central Oklahoma

As the storms started drifting southeast along the front, we began heading to Watonga, OK for an intercept location. A storm became severe and we started filming:

Filming a severe storm near Watonga, OK

Severe storm and our location

While this storm was fairly high-based and not very "great looking", it still offered a show as it approached Calumet, OK:

The storm depicted a "mid-level shelf cloud" if that is a thing. As it tracked southeast, it kept strengthening/weakening as it hit the warm/cold sector of the stationary boundary respectively.

Storm crossing highway south of Watonga, OK

As the storm hit El Reno late-evening, with the lost of daylight heating, it fizzled out pretty quickly. It was a good chase to get the rust off from a long winter.

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