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Manitoba Highways Close Amidst Blizzard

Highway 75

Several highways are closed across Southern Manitoba this morning due to blizzard conditions.

Highway closures include:

  • Trans-Canada from SK border to Winnipeg

  • Hwy 75 from Winnipeg to US border

For current road information please visit Manitoba511. Environment Canada warnings:

Warnings 7:10 AM CST Tuesday 01 February 2022 Blizzard warning in effect for: City of Winnipeg Blizzard conditions continue over southern Manitoba. A strong Alberta clipper is bringing snow and strong northwest winds gusting to 70-90 km/h to southern Manitoba this morning. The falling snow and strong winds will combine to reduce the visibilities to near-zero in blowing snow. Conditions will improve throughout Tuesday morning from west to east as the winds diminish. Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility. Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow. Protect yourself from wind, cold and disorientation by staying sheltered, indoors or with your vehicle. If you become stranded in a vehicle do not leave. The vehicle offers a form of protection from the cold. A single person walking through the snow is harder to find than a stranded car or truck. Blizzard warnings are issued when widespread reduced visibilities of 400 metres or less are expected for at least 4 hours

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