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Huge snowbanks observed in New Brunswick

Monthly snowfall data from Moncton, New Brunswick

It's been a busy year across North America, with seemingly weekly winter storms. The east coast of Canada has been no exception and they have seen their fair share of snow! Moncton, NB (seen above/below) has seen 24.6cm of snowfall in March alone!

Monthly snowfall totals for Moncton, New Brunswick

Below is a result of all that snowfall as depicted in this viral picture on Facebook, which states:

"Northern NB has been pummelled this year! My mother-in-law, Anne Culligan, says this year is an "old fashioned winter!" . Here she is on the highway in Belledune! (And she is a tall woman)".
Picture from Anne Culligan showing huge snowbanks in Belledune, New Brunswick

Belledune, NB is close to Bathurst, NB, so we pulled the monthly snowfall total below and the data isn't up yet.

Snowfall totals for Bathurst, New Brunswick

All data from:

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