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Absolutely amazing "weather bomb" viewed from space

GEOS-16 EAST loop from Wed morning to afternoon

ABOVE: Wednesday morning into Wednesday afternoon loop.

An impressive "weather bomb" or "bomb cyclone" has been impacting the High Plains and Central Plains today, bringing some impressive blizzard conditions to the area. It will impact the Northern Plains and Manitoba tonight into tomorrow.

GEOS-16 EAST loop from Wed evening

ABOVE: Collection of loops from GEOS-16 EAST of GeoColor, Visible satellite and TrueColor.

GEOS-16 EAST at 22:52 UTC

GEOS-16 EAST at 23:52 UTC

GEOS-16 EAST at unknown time

Typical Mid-Latitude Cyclone with warm moist air, a "dry slot" (brown arrows) and cold intrusion (blue arrows)

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