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Severe Weather Canada (SWC) is a collaborative project between NZP Chasers and Severe Weather Australia (SWA) to support and protect Canadian content creators and members of the public across Canada. Similar to SWA, SWC's goals are to promote Canadian severe weather content creators and support / promote their social media accounts and websites. We will also support members of the public that wish to provide us with "public submissions" by protecting their content and seeking fair value for their content on their behalf. This work includes licensing of content, promoting the content on our social media platforms to generate AD revenue and negotiating copyright infringement settlements. This project is a partnership between NZP Chasers and SWA with a combined expertise in content licensing of over XX years. This partnership provides NZP Chasers, and by extension, the users of Severe Weather Canada access to the legal documents and licensing expertise of SWA. 

Below, users will find folders with further information.


  • The "Public Submission" form should be used by members of the public submitting their videos for licensing consideration and/or revenue partnerships;

  • The "Contributor Submissions" folder should only be used by SWC contributors. This will be on an invite-only basis to begin, but members may request access to become an SWC contributor via their member profiles or by emailing;

  • The "Public Submission Terms" folder contains the terms of use and requirements for public submissions on this website;

  • The "Contributor Submission Terms" contains the terms of use for contributors of this website.

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