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Wind chills approach -40 tonight for Winnipeg, then warm up

High resolution RDPS 2.5km resolution for tonight

Hope you have all been enjoying the frigid temperatures in the Prairies!! A warm up is expected starting tomorrow morning, but not before another night of very cold temperatures. A sharp temperature gradient (seen above) will keep parts of Alberta/Saskatchewan out of the crosshairs and the focus will be on southern Manitoba.


Winnipeg: -26C, feeling like -38 with the wind chill

The lower resolution models (10km resolution) are generally saying colder temperatures for tonight with wind chills in the -40 or colder (see below), so we will have to see how it goes.

10km resolution RDPS showing wind chills tonight

A warm up is expected starting tomorrow afternoon and should last until or after Christmas. Temperatures should fluctuate between single minus digit highs to mid minus teens for the next week or so, before another Arctic intrusion comes just after Christmas. Below is the animation showing the temperatures through January 1st.

CMC Ensemble showing temperatures (in C) for next 16 days

Happy Holidays to all our followers! Spend some time doing some outdoor activities since it won't be deadly cold! :)

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