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Snowfall/Severe thunderstorm warnings for Alberta?

A mixed bag of weather is ongoing in Alberta from snowfall warnings for Jasper National Park to severe thunderstorms. Here are some of the warnings as of 5:30pm eastern time:


3:18 PM MDT Tuesday 18 June 2019 Snowfall warning in effect for:

  • Jasper Nat. Park near and south of Sunwapta Falls

  • Jasper Nat. Park near Jasper

  • Jasper Nat. Park near Pocahontas

Snowfall with total amounts of about 10 cm is expected. A low developing over central Alberta will wrap moisture over the mountain parks on Wednesday. This system is expected to give up to 10 cm of snow to higher elevations including the Icefields Parkway Highway 93. Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Snowfall warnings are issued when significant snowfall is expected.

ABOVE: Screenshot of radar at 5:30pm eastern time showing severe storms developing along the foothills of Alberta.


3:02 PM MDT Tuesday 18 June 2019 Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for areas in red:

At 3:02 p.m. MDT, Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing very strong wind gusts, up to nickel size hail and heavy rain. This thunderstorm is located 35 km northwest of Pincher Creek, and is moving towards the south at 25 km/h. Take cover immediately, if threatening weather approaches. Large hail can damage property and cause injury. Strong wind gusts can toss loose objects, damage weak buildings, break branches off trees and overturn large vehicles. Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes. Lightning kills and injures Canadians every year. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors! Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued when imminent or occurring thunderstorms are likely to produce or are producing one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall.

For updated warnings go here:

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