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Prairies could see double digit warm-up on Wednesday

Frontal position at 850mb height for Wednesday afternoon

Spring is finally here and that means warm temperatures for everyone!! Right? The Prairies will be no stranger to the warm temperatures starting this week. On Wednesday, temperatures could approach the double digits!

Environment Canada forecast is a bit more optimistic than we are however (shown below), depicting 12C for Winnipeg, MB. We don't think temperatures will climb that high, but they certainly might break the 10C barrier for some locations across Manitoba!

Below is the forecast temperatures per model date. Models are showing 5-8C for parts of southern Manitoba (~7C for Winnipeg) on Wednesday. I think this is because cloud cover and precipitation will plague most of southern Manitoba throughout the day, therefore limiting surface warming.

NAM 12-km resolution model for Wednesday afternoon depicting surface temperatures (in C)

Regardless, it is nice to see spring in full swing and the Prairie Provinces come out of their deep freeze they have been experiencing all winter!

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