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Potential road closures for Prairies tomorrow

App developed by Weatherlogics Inc showing heavy blowing snow on roads in Saskatchewan by 7pm

Blowing snow will become a serious issue on most major roads Sunday afternoon, evening and night as a potent winter storm tracks across the Prairie Provinces. This will bring the treat of heavy snowfall and strong winds, which could lead to blizzard-like conditions for parts of Saskatchewan. As depicted by Weatherlogics above, possible closures could occur before 9pm near Estevan and Carlyle.

Potential closures in Saskatchewan (as depicted above):

  • Hwy 9 between Carlyle to Oxbow

  • Hwy 18 between Oxbow MB border

  • Hwy 13 between Carlyle to Stoughton

Blowing snow depiction and road conditions in SK/ND/MB. Red depicts heavy blowing snow, orange showing moderate blowing snow and yellow showing slight blowing snow.

Above is a bigger view of road conditions and blowing snow for parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota. Like what we do? You can become a supporter here:

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