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Post-Christmas storm: what it means for Manitoba

A powerful winter storm is set to impact parts of the central United States and Northern Plains on December 26th and 27th. While exact track and snowfall amounts remain uncertain, models are coming into agreement on general track and which areas will be impacted.

NAM-12km precipitation depiction up to Thursday

Models are depicting the bulk of the precipitation set to impact the Dakotas and Minnesota, but some areas of Manitoba will also be impacted by this storm. While Manitoba won't receive extensive snowfall from this, a slight shift north in track could mean areas like Winnipeg could see a decent amount of snowfall.

However, as of right now, only parts of southeastern Manitoba should be impacted by the storm. Due to the fact that exact track is still unknown at this time, the snowfall totals that are forecasted below (in cm) are likely to change.

NAM-12km snowfall accumulation (in cm)

Please remain vigilant for possible special weather statement, watches and/or warnings that may be issued as this winter storm approaches. This storm is likely to have a high impact during this busy travel period.

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