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Intense blizzard leaves drivers stranded in Minnesota [VIDEO]

ABOVE: video taken by Rebeka Hagen on Facebook showing the road conditions near Thief River Falls, MN on St. Hilaire Rd.

Blizzard warnings remain in effect for Minnesota and North Dakota.

"While conditions may seem fine in towns and sheltered areas, visibilities are very poor in open country at times. Drifting snow can also produce large pillow drifts on highways. Department of Transportation recommends no travel in many areas. Also here some high wind gusts that have occurred since 10 AM Sunday." -NWS Grand Forks, ND

"Blizzard conditions are expected today, especially in open country. Avoid travel if possible. Wind speeds will begin to decrease this evening. Wind chills of 25 below to 45 below zero will also move in today and continue through Monday morning." -NWS Grand Forks, ND

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