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Incredible flooding occurring in North Dakota

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Overland flooding is currently ongoing in North Dakota/Minnesota and will soon begin in Manitoba (if it hasn't already). Check out the video above of entire fields completely flooded and surrounding Interstate 29 near Grafton, ND!! This is just north of Grand Forks.

ABOVE: Latest aerial photography from NDDOT (April 24th 2019)

Area of significant flooding depicted in this post in the Red River Valley (ND/MN)

Below are some road camera pictures of I-29 near Grafton, ND:

Below is a road camera picture from Morris, MB where you can see the Morris River starting to become above flood stage:

Manitoba511 road camera picture retrieved at 3pm EDT

Flood Statement
National Weather Service Eastern North Dakota/Grand Forks ND
1008 AM CDT Thu Apr 18 2019

...The flood warning is now cancelled for these river locations in

  * Hallock...on the Two Rivers Kittson County

...The flood warning has been extended for these river locations in
North Dakota...Minnesota...

  * Hickson...on the Red Cass County
  * Sabin...on the South Branch Buffalo Clay County
  * Hawley...on the Buffalo Clay County
  * Crookston...on the Red Lake Polk County
  * Kindred...on the Sheyenne Cass and Richland Counties
  * Enderlin...on the Maple Cass and Ransom Counties

...The flood warning continues for these river locations in
Minnesota...North Dakota...

  * Wahpeton...on the Red River Wilkin and Richland Counties
  * Fargo...on the Red River Clay and Cass Counties
  * Halstad...on the Red River Norman and Traill Counties
  * East Grand Forks...on the Red River Polk and Grand Forks
  * Oslo...on the Red River Marshall...Polk...Grand Forks and
  Walsh Counties
  * Drayton...on the Red River Kittson...Marshall...Pembina and
  Walsh Counties
  * Pembina...on the Red River Kittson and Pembina Counties
  * Dilworth...on the Buffalo River Clay County
  * Hendrum...on the Wild Rice River (MN) Norman County
  * Shelly...on the Marsh River Norman County
  * Climax...on the Sandhill River Polk County
  * Abercrombie...on the Wild Rice River (ND) Richland County
  * West Fargo Diversion...on the Sheyenne River Cass County
  * Harwood...on the Sheyenne River Cass County
  * Mapleton...on the Maple River Cass County

.This forecast is for a 7-day period...the highest stage
indicated may not reflect the crest for this event.

  Forecasts are updated daily and stage values will change
as new weather and river information is used.

  River forecasts use 24 hours of forecast precipitation.
However, depending on the situation, they may include
precipitation expected through the next 72 hours.


Safety message...turn around, don`t drown...

 - Don`t travel through flooded areas!

 - Persons in the warned area need to take steps to protect life
   and property. If necessary, move to a higher and safer location.

 - Persons living in the Red River Basin should monitor river
   levels while the river is in, or near, flood.

The province has analyzed the impacts of recent snow and rain in the North Dakota area of the Red River Valley.  Based on current weather forecasts, a flood of less than the 2011 magnitude is expected for the Red River in Manitoba.  The forecast peak flows and water levels on the Red River in Manitoba are less than the peak flows and levels observed at the peak of 2011 flood. The peak date at Emerson is now between April 20 and 22. - Province of Manitoba

  • A flood warning continues for the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway channel inlet.

  • A flood warning is now in place for the Red River in the Netley Creek area and for the lower Netley Creek.

  • A flood watch continues for the Roseau River.

  • A high water advisory is now in place for the Saskatchewan and Carrot rivers in the vicinity of The Pas due to potential ice jamming.

A flood warning is issued when river or lake levels are exceeding or are expected to exceed flood stage within the next 24 hours, while a flood watch is issued when river or lake levels are approaching flood stage, but likely not within the next 24 hours.

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