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Fierce wind storm hits BC coast

Weather summary
for British Columbia
issued by Environment Canada
at 5:47 p.m. PST Thursday 20 December 2018.


An intense low pressure system slammed into the B.C. coast today and 
is making its way across the interior tonight. Strong winds affected 
the coast causing numerous power outages and widespread damage. 

The following is a summary of weather event information received by 
Environment Canada. 

1. Summary of winds on Vancouver Island (km/h): 

Victoria Airport (YYJ) 89 
Victoria Harbour 78 
Esquimalt 94 
Trial Island lighthouse 102 
Saturna Island 102 
Tofino 111 
Lennard Island Lighthouse 144 
Nanaimo 85 
Comox 78 
Herbert Island 104 

2. Summary of winds on the B.C. mainland coast: 

Vancouver (YVR) 87 
Tsawwassen 98 
Sandheads 128 
Point Atkinson 81 
Abbotsford (YXX) 101 
Squamish 87 
Pam Rocks 94 
Powell River 80 
Ivory Island lighthouse 85 

3. Summary of rainfall amounts (mm) to 5 PM Dec 20th: 

Port Mellon 60 
Squamish 34 
Bowser 70 

4. Summary of snowfall amounts (cm) to 5 PM Dec 20th: 

Whistler 23 
Tatlayoko Lake 30 
Ootsa Lake 10 
Smithers 5 
Burns Lake 5 

5. Daily maximum temperature (degrees C) records set today: 

Abbotsford (YXX) 
New Record: 15.0 
Old Record: 13.9 (1973) 

New Record: 15.9 
Old Record: 11.0 (2005) 

New Record: 11.9 
Old Record: 11.7 (1965) 

Pitt Meadows 
New Record: 14.1 
Old Record: 13.7 (1994) 

Tied Record: 12.3 (2005)

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial 
information and does not constitute a complete or final report.

Current watches & warnings:
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