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Duluth, MN buried under historic snowstorm. Ashland receives 31" (78cm) in 24hrs

An intense storm system has been wrecking havoc across the High Plains, Northern Plains and now Ontario over the last several days. Today, the storm system brought intense snowfall to parts of Minnesota. Areas around Ashland and Duluth received enhanced snowfall totals due to local terrain enhancements and lake-effect.

According to the National Weather Service Duluth, Minnesota, their 2-day snowfall totals is 21.7 inches (~55cm)!! This 2-day snowfall is the 9th highest 2-day snowfall on record for the area.

After what was an historic storm, conditions are considerably quieter now as dry air works south this afternoon. Some light lake effect snow showers are continuing over northwest WI, but the bands near Ashland are weakening now with drier air working over the lake.
- NWS Duluth. MN

Highways were impassible this morning across the area as shown above. Even first responders were getting stuck on the traitorous roads!

In the last 24hrs, 31 inches (~78cm) of snow fell near Ashland, MN according to snowfall reports sent to the National Weather Service:

"The powerful winter storm that has brought very heavy snowfall accumulations will linger over the region this morning, but the snow should gradually come to an end. Through the rest of the morning, expect another 2 to 6 inches on top of what has already fallen, with the bulk of the new snowfall expected over northwest Wisconsin. Although the snow will diminish today, expect roads to still be snow covered with blowing and drifting snow. This will continue to make travel dangerous, if not impossible, in some spots! If you can, stay home and off the roads. If outside clearing the snow, shovel smart by taking frequent breaks, if needed. The snow should gradually diminish from north to south today." -NWS Dultuh, MN

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