Contributor Opportunities at NZP Chasers

Updated: May 18


NZP Chasers is now accepting weather-related content creators on their YouTube Channel. These content creators can be individuals or already established chase groups that wish to increase brand awareness through our social medias. The purpose is to build a relationship with content creators, to protect their content and to showcase their amazing work to a wider audience. Contributors will retain all rights to their content, have licensing/sales opportunity and will benefit from NZP Chasers larger reaching platforms (social media).

Background information on NZP Chasers

NZP Chasers has been growing on YouTube since 2014. Since then, we have amassed over 900 000 views on YouTube alone. NZP Chasers is mainly comprised of content created by Francis Lavigne-Theriault, the founder & owner of NZP Chasers and now Skystock. "NZP" stands for Near Zero Probability, which is a concept where group members chase every severe thunderstorms, regardless of the probability of tornadoes. Some of the best chases have been near zero probability (of tornadoes). For example, Simla, CO in 2015 had a 2% tornado chance:

Simla, CO June 4, 2015.

Over the years, Francis specialized in weather content and developed fundamental skills in photography sales, video licensing and content creation to the point where, in 2015-2016, weather content creation and sales was his primary source of income. Since then, the market has shifted significantly and so has YouTube. Francis continues to adapt his skills as a videographer, photographer and freelancer. Over the last several years, Francis gained professional experience in science communications, social media, media relations, content creation and weather consulting. More recently, Francis got certified as an Environmental Professional in training by ECO-Canada and works for the Northern Tornadoes Project conducting research on Canadian tornadoes and as a communications expert.


Becoming an NZP Chasers YouTube Contributor

NZP Chasers is looking to expand its YouTube Channel into a monetized platform in 2022. To do so, we need to increase our watch hours. We are looking for contributors to increase our YouTube content and in exchange, these contributors will benefit from licensing opportunities (optional), increased reach and social media following and AD revenue.

Benefits of joining us:

  • Reach a larger audience

  • No contracts (leave when you want)

  • Keep uploading on your existing platforms (if any)

  • Have access to a premium Weatherbell subscription (if creating weather forecasting content)

  • Copyright infringement protection

  • Earn 50% of AD revenue related to your videos

  • Earn 50% of any licensing sales from your videos

  • Earn 50% of any copyright settlement on your videos

  • Have your own space in our YouTube Channel to share your content

  • Have access to tools such as Live streaming, YouTube Studio, Google AdSense (ad revenue), copyright protection, watermarking, appealing content ID claims, unlimited uploads and much more

  • Custom thumbnails

  • Gain experience on how to manage a YouTube Channel

How it works

  • Option 1: you will have the option to upload and manage your own content within our YouTube Channel, including choosing your own thumbnail, title, description, watermark, etc;

  • Option 2: you can submit your footage via Google Drive with a title/description and let us take care of uploading to your space on our Channel.

Below is an example of what "your space" would look like within our YouTube Channel (essentially a custom playlist):


AD revenue shares & licensing opportunities

NZP Chasers has been one of the most (if not the most) successful organization in video licensing across Canada. We've made over $30 000 CAD in sales over the years. NZP Chasers has verified accounts across licensing platforms such as Getty Images, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock and is considered a "platinum" content creator on our main licensing platform Newsflare. Our channel is already registered with Google AdSense with a legitimate business platform registered with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Therefore, if you opt to join any future licensing opportunities and/or AD revenue, you will earn legitimate money on a monthly basis (not under the table).


What we are looking for

We are looking for any weather-related content creators (preferably from Canada). If you have an established storm chasing group or page, this could be your opportunity to reach a new audience. If you are an individual, this could be a good opportunity to get your work out there! Preferably, we are looking for weather content that has been well-filmed, in landscape mode and storytellers.