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-30C+ with -40's+ wind chills to stay for the Prairies this weekend

Model trends for the NAM 12km for surface temperatures (in Celsius) for Thursday Jan 17th 2019

Above is today's model trend for the day of Saturday morning January 19th 2019. This trend depicts very cold temperatures remaining on the Prairie Provinces. More specifically, Manitoba, northern Ontario and parts of Saskatchewan will feel the brunt of it with temperatures in the mid -30C and wind chills in the -40's. Below are screenshots of temperatures and wind chills for Saturday morning.

Screenshot of surface temperatures (in C) forecasted for Saturday morning

Screenshot of the forecasted wind chills for Saturday morning

As we had outlined in our post here (click), the extremely cold Arctic airmass should remain lodged on the NA Continent until at least Monday. While the temperatures should remain fairly cold in the -20's, the Prairie Provinces should see a break in the extremely cold temperatures. We will keep you updated on the timeline of this airmass as models are updated.

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