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30 000+ without power and multiple road closures for southern Manitoba

After the first 24hrs of winter storm conditions and the first snowfall of the year for Manitoba, residents are waking up to multiple road closures and power outages. More than 20 000 customers are without power in the City of Winnipeg this morning. Below are the current outages per municipality as of 8:45 am CDT, click on any of these images for latest information:

On top of that, several highway closures are in effect across southern Manitoba:

  • Trans-Canada Highway from Portage La Prairie to Brandon

  • Hwy 2 from Winnipeg to Elm Creek

  • Hwy 3 from Winnipeg to Carman

  • Hwy 23 from Morris to Altamont

  • And others in red below

On top of all of this, a lot more snow is expected today into tomorrow. Winter storm warnings are now in effect for most of southern Manitoba:


4:20 AM CDT Friday 11 October 2019 Winter storm warning in effect for areas in red:

An extreme winter storm will pummel parts of southern Manitoba over the next couple of days.

The most intense winter storm conditions are expected for today and Friday night for the Red River Valley as a Colorado low draws closer and intensifies. The western half of the Red River Valley may be hit with an extraordinary amount of snow. Snowfall amounts for today and Friday night could exceed 50 cm particularly towards the Manitoba escarpment. Areas closer to the Red River, including the City of Winnipeg, could get between 10 and 25 cm of wet snow.

Very strong winds will accompany this heavy snow as well. Gusts of 70 to 80 km/h are forecast throughout southern Manitoba, and gusts over 100 km/h are possible off the Manitoba Lakes or in wind prone areas around the Riding Mountains. Travelling will become difficult if not impossible as the day wears on, with heavy, accumulating snow, strong winds and temperatures near zero resulting in treacherous conditions. The combination of heavy, wet snow and strong winds will likely result in downed trees and power lines.

The area of extreme snowfall will shift northward and westward tonight and into Saturday. It will affect a broad area through Westman and parts of the Interlake. This storm system will weaken through the day on Saturday.

Road closures are possible. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas. If visibility is reduced while driving, slow down, watch for tail lights ahead and be prepared to stop. Make sure your civic address sign is visible, and the entrance to your home remains clear. Emergency responders can't help you if they can't find you.

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