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2021 NZP Recap

Since it is almost the end of the year, here is a quick recap of 2021 for us. It's been a busy year so let's get into it!

Retirement from Getty Images

First of all, after 7yrs of selling our photography exclusively with Getty Images, we retired as contributors in 2021 after Getty changed into #microstock images (see below).

2020 Earnings from Getty Images

2021 Earning from Getty Images

We got into Getty Images back in 2014. Back in the day, contributors were hand-selected by Getty and you had to win a photography contest to apply. Above is just an example of sharp earning decline from 2020 to 2021 that prompted us to retire our exclusive agreement with Getty.

Entry Into Microstock

Therefore, in 2021, we went into #microstock photography. We entered: Adobe Stock (4000+ images), Shutterstock (1000+ images) and iStock (1800+ images). Below is a snapshot of Adobe Stock, where we finished uploading all our inventory in Nov 2021.

Skystock Project Launch

We also launched our #SKYSTOCK project on our website. Here, we edited and uploaded all our video inventory from 2015-2021 onto our website and made it available for purchasing. The purpose was to have a large collection of sky replacement options available to our clients.

Park Project Launch

Recently, we launched our #ParkProject, a passive photography project on our website. This project is a #microstock initiative exploring Canadian parks during different seasons. This project is expected to expand significantly throughout the next few years.

YouTube Pilot Project Launch

In Sep and Oct 2021, we released weekly episodes of our 2021 storm chasing season across Ontario via YouTube. This was a #PilotProject to gage interest in a detailed documentation of "behind the scenes" of our storm chasing season. Uncertainty exists for this project in 2022.

End of Year Storm Chaser Social

In Dec, we organized and livestreamed through #YouTube the first Storm Chaser End of Year social event, which featured storm chasers across Canada and a show and tell featuring each chaser's content from the 2021 season. This was also a sort of "Pilot" for future years.

We have big plans for 2022. #COVID has put a hamper on international storm chasing over the last few years, but we made the most of it in 2021 and kept busy with various photography/videography projects.

Merry Christmas to all and here's to a great 2022!

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