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13 images that will take your mind off the Coronavirus outbreak

We've put together a series of our pictures that we thought would provide a much needed distraction from the scary situation unfolding across the world (updates here). If you would like to see a more extensive collection of our pictures, you can head over here. You can also become a subscriber of the Digital Wallpapers in our Plans & Pricing tab of our website to gain access to digital downloads of hundreds of our pictures!

Large tornado near Dodge City, Kansas

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba Sunset

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico Sunset

Shelf Cloud Near Woodlands, Manitoba

Winnipeg City, Manitoba Severe Storm

Twin Tornadoes Near Dodge City, Kansas

Developing Supercell Near Souris, Manitoba

Southern Manitoba Winter Sunset

Southern Manitoba, Canada

Textbook Supercell Near Simla, Colorado

Sunset In the South Dakota Badlands

Sunset in South Dakota, USA

Supercell and Storm Chaser In Montana

Montana, USA

Sunflower Fields In Southern Manitoba During Spring

Sunflower fields in southern Manitoba, Canada

Elephant Trunk Tornado Near Adams, North Dakota

Hopefully, these will have provided a momentary distraction! Now back to work!

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