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10 days later and still 10 000+ without power

Almost a week after a historic winter storm impacted and crippled Manitoba and North Dakota, over 10 000 customers across Manitoba are still without power as of Tuesday. The picture above depicts conditions Manitoba Hydro has been facing.

After a state of emergency was declared, help has arrived from Minnesota to help Manitoba Hydro restore power across the province. Below was taken from Manitoba Hydro website:

"The storm crumpled a number of steel transmission structures, destroyed a number of wooden transmission structures, broke thousands of wooden utility poles and tore down countless trees in Winnipeg, the Interlake and Portage la Prairie areas. The storm then tracked northwest, leaving many communities powerless and forcing evacuations."

"The damage caused by the storm is unprecedented for Manitoba Hydro. In some cases, extremely tough conditions and the sheer extent of the damage means we will be unable to restore power for up to 10 days. We are working around the clock to mobilize people, supplies and resources to restore power to everyone affected."

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