The Continental Divide GeoExpedition

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*NEW* this year, we want to offer a different type of exploration opportunity. Over the last several years, we have been organizing storm chasing adventure trips. In an effort to offer a diversity of products, we would like to offer this exploration "tour" of the Continental Divide in spring of 2020.

Deadline for booking: December 15, 2020


Length of trip: 22 days

Trip difficulty (physically): EASY (the average person will find this trip fairly easy)

States/Provinces visited (in order): MB/SK/AB/MT/WY/UT/CO/NM/AZ/NM/CO/NE/SD/ND/MB

Required documents: passport

Trip begins/ends: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Photography Workshops: 2

Other planned workshops:

The trip organizers both Major in the field of Geography and Hydrology. As part of the trip package, this includes explanation of geomorphology (the formation of landscapes/topographic features and how they evolved through time) of every feature we will be traveling to. Some field exercises may be conducted such as testing water pH and taking soil samples. Testing water pH is important while camping to know the quality of drinkable water. You will be provided with scientific instruments to test water pH. For example, testing the sulfur content of Yellowstone National Park will be an interesting experiment.

Forecasting workshops will be planned for this trip upon request. If you are interested in learning about forecasting severe storms, you will be thought this in several different activities throughout the trip. For those whom have already taking one of our workshops, more advance techniques will be thought.

Accommodations: hotels & camping sites (all fees) will be covered with this trip. Your only expense will be your food and if you choose to fly back home at the end of the trip. This trip will require a lot of camping, but minimal hiking due to time restraints. Hotels will be covered if our camp site gets rained out. We will also accommodate hotels instead of camping on days where we don't feel like camping!

Equipment needed: we recommend visiting your local Mountain Warehouse for camping/hiking equipment. A tent will be required (if you do not own a tent, send us a message). Equipment to cook food and other campsite equipment will be provided. A rain jacket will be required. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a list of recommended equipment for this trip.


April 21st (TBD): photography workshop with (TBA) prior to trip. Will teach basic landscape photography techniques and manual camera shooting for guests. Will require 1-2hrs of on-sight shooting in Manitoba. Guests may choose location of meeting.

Departure *flexible*: April 22nd 2021 from Winnipeg, MB

April 22nd: Drive 800km to Dickinson, ND HOTEL

April 23rd: Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park // Drive 1000km to Glacier National Park: CAMPING

April 24th: 1 full day Glacier National Park, MT: CAMPING

April 25th: Drive 724km to Yellowstone National Park, WY CAMPING

April 26th: 1 full day at Yellowstone National Park // Old Faithful Geyser CAMPING

April 27th: Drive 607 km to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, WY CAMPING

April 28th: 1 full day at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area // Dinosaur National Monument CAMPING

April 29th: Drive 418km to Arches National Park, UT CAMPING

April 30th: 1 full day at Arches National Park CAMPING

May 1st: Drive 385km to White River National Forest, CO CAMPING

May 2nd: 1 full day at White River National Forest CAMPING

May 3rd: Drive 441km to Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO CAMPING

May 4th: 1 full day at Great Sand Dunes National Park CAMPING

May 5th: Drive 326km to Mesa Verde National Park, CO (spend half day at park) HOTEL OR CAMPING

May 6th: Drive 447km to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ CAMPING

May 7th: 1 full day at Grand Canyon National Park. Guest photographer (TBA) to teach landscape photography techniques CAMPING

May 8th: Drive 330km to Petrified Forest National Park, AZ (spend half day at park) HOTEL OR CAMPING

May 9th: Drive 677km to White Sands National Monument, NM CAMPING

May 10th: 1 full day at White Sands National Monument CAMPING


May 11th: Drive 1100km to Cheyenne, WY HOTEL

May 12th: Drive 960km to Bismarck, ND (hotel) // Drive through Badlands HOTEL

May 13th: Drive 650km to Winnipeg, MB


Can arrange guest flight back to home.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We do not own some of these photography displayed in this page. In compliance with the Copyright Act's "Fair Use", we will not sell, distribute or reproduce these images in any way. These images are solely used via third party for display purposes. We do not generate royalty or will not use them in advertisement campaigns including thumbnails for social media or to promote this trip to generate revenue. Thumbnails will be generated with our own images or licensed images.

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