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Join us on our 2021 chase trip held in the United States in May/June for 1 week (7 days). You pay your food, hotels and your method of meeting us there (ie: plane). The 2800$ (CAD) covers your hotels and the opportunity to have a personalized chasing experience with the NZP Chasers team and learn field techniques/practical applications of weather models, storm chasing tricks and better understanding severe weather in a safe and fun way. We come pick you up at the airport if you are flying to meet us.

Full refunds will be issued 60 days after booking. After that period, it will be at NZP Chasers discretion.

Select dates when booking your seat on checkout (i.e. May 8th to 16th). We will be leaving Winnipeg City around May 1st and be aware that your dates may fluctuate depending on weather. We want you to get the most out of your money. For example, if you book June 1st to June 8th, your "7 days" starts when you are with us, not your travel time to get to us.

*Available dates are between June 1st and June 16th. Please note your flights to meet us and depart us are not included in this price. *

Tentative airport pickups:

May 1st - May 8th = Oklahoma City, OK

May 9th - May 16th = Oklahoma City, OK

May 17th - May 25th = Oklahoma City, OK

May 26th - June 2nd = Oklahoma City, OK

June 3rd - June 10th = Denver, CO

*During "down days" no weather occurring, we might visit the Storm Prediction Center and/or El Reno tornado memorial like we do each year.

PS - We don't guarantee you a tornado.


Chasing storms for an unforgettable and unique experience. Equipment: (shortwave radio, wireless internet, computer, medic kit, GPS and radar, etc), I am providing. We will be ready to capture some of the most mysterious, destructive and beautiful phenomenons of nature.

If you are:

- Adventurous;

- work well while under extreme stress;

- well oriented;

- does not panic while under life threatening situations;

- have photographic experience/skills;

- want to live the adventure of your life that you will be talking to your kids about;

- are an adrenaline junky;

- someone I can extremely trust;

- Need to take your mind off things;

- are fascinated by the weather and want to learn more about it;

- have no criminal record or other that would prevent border crossing

- etc..

...then this trip is for you!

P.S. If you are prone to panic attacks, this trip is NOT for you.

What you will need:

- Passport;

- A good attitude;

- money;

- can handle yourself speaking & reading in English and/or French;

- Sunglasses & coffee!!!

Why should you trust me if it's so dangerous?

- I am first aid & CPR certified;

- This will be my 6th year in tornado alley eith over 40 tornadoes witnessed;

- I have valid driver's/passport and have driven in the most stressful and extreme environments on the planet for over 200 000km in the last 3 years only, I have been driving for 9 years (we did 60 000km + on our last trip and 50 000km in our 2014 season alone from April to August). I have driven in blizzards, whiteouts, supercells, hailcores, tornadic storms, near tornadoes (within meters from them), flash flooding, dust storms, etc) ;

- I will have updated radar equipment and safety equipment.

If you are meeting us in tornado alley. We will pick you up at the airport of your choice (Kansas CIty, Denver, Dallas, Oklahoma City). I will be monitoring storms everyday and will lead you to extreme weather and guarantee you that you will see extreme weather. I have done this before and know what to expect so I will be fully prepared for any situation (medical kits, etc). When we are not chasing storms, we can visit the area or do whatever activity that you like.

P.S. I guarantee you will see extreme weather like severe thunderstorms and other, but I can't guarantee that we will see a tornado.

Here is an example of our average day:

1) Wake up around 8-9am to check the forecast and confirm our target area for the day;

2) I wake you up and we grab a quick breakfast (depending if we have to get on the road right away);

3) We get to our target area and arrive before peak heating (~4-5pm and ~4hrs of driving depending on where we slept the night before and where our target area is);

4) We chase until it gets dark (hopefully!);

5) We check the weather to see where our target area for the next day is and we chose a spot to sleep;

6) Redo.

* Now this is an ideal day. Sometimes we will drive a lot to see nothing (either because the weather didn't cooperate or we failed at forecasting) and sometimes we will see small clouds blow up in tornado-producing supercells in 10 mins around 1-2pm (which usually happens during an outbreak). And maybe we won't see any tornado for a week and see 5-10 tornadoes in 1 day. This isn't an exact science, actually predicting where and why a tornado drops on that storm is still not fully understood.*

* Please note that I WILL NOT be driving INTO the storms as it can be life-threatening and I am not equipped to do so, instead I will get us very close (around 1km) to the tornado (and hopefully ahead of the rain/hail) so we can experience the thrill of chasing while being at a safe enough distance to exit the vehicle and take pictures & videos. *

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