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Forecast Verification Example

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Edited: Oct 12

This post is an example of the forecast verification process


"Forecast verification for May 24, 2016"



Forecast verification will be taken from the National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center and Environment Canada using official weather summaries or reports.


Forecast verification discussion:


"A verification discussion may be posted if available. Here is where we will post the summary discussion or any relevant pictures/videos."


Forecast verification "points" breakdown:


For severe weather: if forecasted for tornadoes, at least 1 tornado was reported (1 point); if forecasted for hail, at least 1 large hail report (1 point); if forecasted for damaging winds, at least 1 damaging winds report (1 point).


  • Bonus points: 1 point added for each tornado reported in your target area.

  • Bonus points: forecast tornadoes 5 days in advance (25 points per tornado).


For winter hazards: if forecasted for winter storm, at least 1 winter storm warning issued (1 point); if forecasted for blizzard, at least 1 blizzard warning issued (1 point); if forecasted heavy snowfall, at least 1 snowfall warning issued or heavy snowfall report (+/- 5cm what you forecasted) (1 to 2 points).


  • Bonus points: 1 point added for each blizzard warnings issued for your forecast area (by county). For example, if 4 blizzard warnings are within your forecast area, then you get 4 points.

  • Bonus points: forecast a blizzard warning 7 days in advance (30 points).


All other categories outside of the ones mentioned above will be assessed on a "per case" basis. Multiple points may be earned. For example, if your forecast area mentions tornadoes, and 10 tornadoes are reported/confirmed within it, you will earn 10 points. To forecast a tornado 5 days in advance, you most post your "target area" in "your forecast" 5 days prior the event and make no edits. The reported/confirmed tornadoes must fall into your target area.


Feel free to comment on the forecast verification page with your pictures/videos.

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