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We offer presentations about storm chasing, severe weather or specific topics related to weather and safety in your school or for your organization. We also offer paid storm chasing expeditions. 



In 2015, we created a documentary project called The Reality of Storm Chasing, which was featured in local newspapers and is available for digital purchase online on Amazon.com


Our clients vary from Getty Images to video licensing agencies all across the world. Our videos are commonly licensed by The Washington Post, The Weather Channel, Huffington Post, ABC Weather, Yahoo, MSN/AoL and many others. Our work has also been featured in several television networks, Oxford Press, Call of Duty, several books/textbook, documentaries and has won several international contests. 

Storm chasing with passion & dedication.





We are a group of individuals of all ages who chase severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. We chase in the USA and Canada, but most of us live in Canada. The origin of the name "Near Zero Probability" is because we chase every setup, anywhere. If there is a near zero probability of a tornado, we will chase it with the same dedication and passion as with major probability setups. This allows us, most of the time, to be alone on the roads and have amazing pictures of isolated severe thunderstorms. 

Even though we usually don't see a tornado on those low probability day's, just seeing and capturing the mesmerizing supercell thunderstorm on the open fields of the Great Plains makes it all worth while. This dedication enables us to capture amazing pictures and never regret for having decided not to chase that day.